May 14

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The Byron Buxton Debate

The Buxton Debate

Byron Buxton is killing it right now and has 8 speed, 8 arm and developing power and patience. What’s the problem you say? Nothing, he looks great and appears to be an Eric Davis starter kit. buxton
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My problem is his base Bowman autos are going for $110…basically the same as Taveras, and Taveras has dominated against older/better competition.Is the market saying Buxton > Taveras…if so are you guys buying the hype?

Based on his prices, even if the settle to $80, we are looking at buying buxton above where profar, bogaerts, taveras and other monster names were at the same age.

So is Buxton above elite and on the tier right below Harper/Trout? If he is I can understand buying. For me though l am inclined to watch prices settle and see what he does after a promotion or 2. I am on the fence so to speak, but are we looking at a Machado+ type of prospect?

Update: I am going to wait and see on Buxton. I would like to buy later but feel prices will settle in a month or two.



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  1. Adam

    I was also on the fence in terms of investing. Actually debated with my friend about how he’s cooled off in May (maybe pitchers now have the book on him, so his next crucial test is whether Buxton can adjust off of that). Plus the 7 CS are ugly. So naturally Buxton then goes off and hits a WALK OFF GRAND SLAM. This kid is a monster. Too high end for my taste but he’s an exciting player.

    What are your thoughts on Pittsburgh’s Hanson and Polanco as investments? And Javier Baez’s struggles? I remember you once had a write up of Baez.

    Adam (prospects4cash.blogspot.com)

    1. RyanW

      I will watch and follow Buxton. I like the high end guys if the prices are reasonable…the upside isn’t as high on return but with high end guys the likelihood of failure is much less relative to the low end guys.
      I like Hanson and love Polanco…still want prices to settle.

  2. RyanW

    as for Baez…im not worried a bit. His bat speed is elite… he will adjust.

  3. adam

    I have a 2013 bowman chrome auto card was wondering is it worth holding on to, or will it lose value over time

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