Dec 04

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Wait and See on Gallo Bowman Autos

Joey Gallo’s recent auto release in the 2012 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects was one of the more highly anticipated names in a product that failed to feature the top two draft picks in a MLB uniform. Gallo set the Arizona League record with 18hrs in 193 PA’s. Gallo’s power was never questioned, on draft day everyone new he had Light Tower Power. MLB Draft Video. He has a strong arm, reaching 98 from the mound and might possibly have a future as pitcher. As a Ranger fan I am excited about Gallo. Who wouldn’t want the next Adam Dunn on their team? The problem I have with him is is K rate and the risk associated with his current prices. As of posting time, Gallo’s base auto was going for an avg of $30.56 (click to See Price Guide).

Chicks and Prospectors dig the long ball, but lets wait and see if Gallo can do something with Double A pitching, ones that actually throw off speed for strikes with regularity. The power is intriguing but Gallo struck out at an alarming 26.9% of the time against low level arms in Rookie ball and that number spiked to 38.8% against A- talent.Fangraphs

At his prices, with a limited sample size, I plan to take a wait and see approach. If he picks up where he left off, his prices will continue to go up and I may have to grab him at a second window, but my money says he struggles initially, prices decrease a bit, and I can jump in the instany he adjusts. For now though, go do yourself a favor and buy Javier Baez for the same price…or take a flier on some of his low priced Ranger teammates (Brinson, Guzman, Mazara)


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