Feb 06

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Dylan Bundy vs Archie Bradley

Who was the Gatorade National Player of the Year? Answer Dylan Bundy, hailing from Oklahoma. But did you know he didn’t win the Player of the Year for his state? He lost to Archie Bradely. Make no mistake, as of right now Dylan Bundy is a better pitcher than Archie Bradley. Bundy has a four pitch mix featuring a plus fastball that sits in the mid to upper 90′s deep into his starts, a polished curve and slider, and a changeup. He has been termed by some as the best high school pitching prospect since Josh Beckett, and may only need a year or so of seasoning in the minors before he is ready to make the leap to Baltimore. His body, while smaller than the typical power pitcher, appears to be fully developed and Mr. Bundy is a true pitcher, not just a thrower. Jonathan Mayo, at MLB.com, ranked Bundy as his number 10 prospect (video).

I admit, I am fan of Dylan Bundy but I won’t be investing heavily into his cards at their current prices. As of today, his blue refractors were trading at $150-$200 ungraded. At those prices the market is assuming he becomes the next Beckett. In other words, I don’t see a huge upside even if he does dominate the way he is supposed to. I will however, be investing in another Oklahoma pitching prospect, who I see as a much better buy.

Archie Bradley, was the other Oklahoma pitching prospect in the draft. His Blue’s are currently trading $75-$90 and he has as high of upside as any pitcher in last years draft. Like Bundy, Bradley has an explosive fastball that has touched triple digits. His velocity doesn’t sit as consistently high as Bundy’s but he also has a plus curveball. Bradley doesn’t have the control that Bundy possesses, but he does have projectability left in his body. Bradley, stands 6-5, 230 lbs, he reminds me of physically of Roger Clemens. Take a look here. Bradley checks in on Mayo’s list at number 20 and grades out as A- prospect by John Sickels at Minor League Ball. From a prospecting standpoint, I like him at his current prices. I think he can easily double with a good first year. In addition…being a quick mover like Bundy could be isn’t necessarily the best thing for a prospector. I would prefer someone that may need more seasoning, giving his cards a larger window to move up in price and a longer run for the hype machine to push those prices.


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  1. Adam

    At first glance, I go Archie Bradley based on better pitcher development for Bradley in the DBacks system, pricing, similar ceilings, and the resulting rate of returns. But then, I read an article like this and it makes me a little more torn…

    PS – Thanks for the link to my prospects4cash blog. I returned the favor. Hope we can keep some dialogue going and make some money this year.

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